About Elliot Real Estate, LLC

Elliott Real Estate, LLC was established in order to provide better value to its clients charging less commission on listings and NO “funny fees” for buyers. While it’s true we charge much less, it is important that quality service is not compromised.

About Mike:

Mike Elliot Real Estate Broker St. Paul

Outside of work I enjoy being "not serious." I volunteer at a local Children's Hospital a few hours a week, it allows me a chance to be immature and have fun with the kids. It helps me keep the big picture of things in check for the rest of the week for what can sometimes be a stressful profession.

If you have ever received any piece of marketing material from myself or just by visiting the website, it's obvious that my dog Scrooge is a big part of my life. He's a great friend and business companion.

As a side hobby, I enjoy dabbling in the stock market and keeping current on the economy. I also enjoy reading as well as less boring activities like hiking, fishing, playing Monopoly, camping, exercising, basketball, Sudoku and the occasional video game when time permits.

Education & Experience:

Mike Elliot Real Estate Broker St. Paul I have a degree from Saint Cloud State University in Finance with an emphasis in Real Estate.

Since graduating, I have gathered experience in many different aspects of real estate including commercial real estate and property management. On the commercial side I helped oversee accounting duties for multi-million dollar commercial real estate portfolios.

I also spent time working side by side with the president of a property management company learning variety of different real estate activities. Prior to starting Elliott Real Estate, I was an agent under Keller Williams. I enjoyed my time there; however I felt I could better serve my clients on my own and founded Elliott Real Estate, LLC.

After years in the Real Estate business, I've found that what most people are looking for is trust and someone they are comfortable with (as well as good service and someone who can get the job done).

Most marketing material will have a story about me from the past or present as well as current information on the real estate market. Hopefully this site, along with the "Mike Times" mailings offers a little more insight to the person and company behind the sale putting potential customers and clients more at easy. “What matters is the person behind the sign in the front yard, not the sign.”

Mission Statement:

"To serve clients with the best value for real estate service in the Twin Cities area. To assist beyond the current real estate norm to ensure all other real estate professionals involved (title company, mortgage brokers, etc.) are offering the best value to guarantee the best overall return while making the process of buying and selling a home comfortable.